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3 Playlists for 3 Different Types of Workouts


For most people, it takes a great deal of effort to actually leave the house and muster up the energy to make it to the gym. Somehow the grueling morning rush hour commute doesn’t keep us from going to the office, but that 7-minute drive to the gym just seems “so out of the way” and time consuming.

If you’re having a good week, you’ve managed not to hit the snooze button, get yourself up extra early, and slap on your workout gear. Once you’ve made it as far as the end of the street, there’s no turning back. You’re in this for the long run, no pun intended. Now the question is, what type of workout are you going for today? Perhaps a low-intensity, mainly yoga-type workout, maybe a moderate-level repetition routine, or could it be the home run HIIT (high-intensity interval training)? As fitness freaks, we know that it is both encouraging and more exciting to have music with you when you’re workout out. So, no matter the type of exercise routine you are working on today, we have the perfect playlists for you!

3 Playlists for 3 Different Types of Workouts

  • Low-intensity:

Evidently, walking is the most common low-intensity exercise. Whether you’re following a looped track around a baseball field, or making your way through your neighborhood, your heart rate is staying relatively low. To feel a little more burn, some people jump on the elliptical or the stairmaster, while still maintaining a steady pace routine. Since it’s a slower workout, we suggest changing up the genres of the songs to keep yourself alert and motivated. Start off with a little bit of R&B, with Everything is Everything by Ms. Lauryn Hill, a soulful song for a good warm-up stretch. And of course, as fitting as it is, Take a Walk by Passion Pit is definitely on our list. With a BPM (beats per minute) of 101, by the time you hear this song, your leisurely walk should have increased to a bit more of a speed walk. But don’t freak out, you won’t sweat too much! It calms back down for a cool down at the end with the radio edit version of Fast Car by Jonas Blue featuring Dakota. Click here for the complete list of the Revolsmusic “Take A Walk” low-intensity level workout playlist.

  • Moderate-intensity:

Maybe you’re jogging alone, participating in an aerobics class with friends, going on a family hike, or even slowly biking around town. Whichever it is, you are most likely engaging in a moderate-level workout. The BPMs for these songs are usually around 115 BPM -- to put that into perspective, the first song in this playlist is Afrojack’s remix of Major Lazer’s Cold Water (featuring Justin Bieber). From one Justin to another, Timberlake’s My Love will continue to get that heart rate up during a jump rope session or a beginner’s spinning class. But don’t stop there! Make your “body work” while listening to Morgan Page and Tegan & Sara. Click here for the complete list of the Revolsmusic “Treadmill Tunes” moderate level workout playlist.

  • High-intensity:

To get that heart rate up, remixes are KEY. The more DJs, the better. All of that tectonic and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) becomes a lot less of a nuisance, and a lot more of a necessity when it comes to high-intensity workouts. Without the quick, heavy beats playing in your ears throughout your one hour exercise routine, how will you ever feel motivated to drop down and do 30 pushups? Clearly, it’s Zedd and Skrillex who you have to thank for that rock hard 6-pack. For an HIIT, we recommend a variety of songs, including Runaway (U & I) by Galantis and Colors by Halsey (Audien remix). For a little throw back, we added in Good Vibrations by Marky Mark featuring the Funky Bunch (Workout Remix Factory). And of course, how can we have a playlist in 2016 without including Mike Posner’s I Took a Pill in Ibiza (Workout Remix Factory). Click here for the complete list of the Revolsmusic “Faster Than Fast” high-intensity level workout playlist.

So for all that Monday madness may bring you, use these playlists for some music motivation to help get you through the day! The rhythms and beats in these playlists are sure to make your workout better, faster, stronger (gotta love some Daft Punk)! Who knows, you might like these playlists so much that you start exercising more often!

Happy Monday! Enjoy, work hard, and #SweatItOut!

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