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Finally Spring!

Ah, spring has finally arrived. It’s time to put that big, bulky winter coat back in storage and replace it with your oh so cool, lightweight leather jacket. You’re finally able to roll down those windows -- maybe even the sunroof -- and enjoy some fresh air on your drive to work. Oh and while we’re on the subject of work commutes, maybe it’s time you cycled or even jogged to and from the office instead of sitting on that lazy you know what… just a thought!

Spring into gear and take advantage of the gorgeous weather. Tie up those new sneaker laces, make your way outside, and enjoy the first run of the season! While you’re kicking your outdoor fitness back in motion, take a moment to notice the blooming flowers, warming sun and the chirping birds that surround you.

For all the snow bunnies who are having trouble parting with winter -- seriously? Time to get over it. Here’s how you can ring in spring in all the right ways!

Back to the outdoors! 


Fox News Health outlines the benefits of working out outdoors compared to indoors -- anyone else regretting that $200/month gym membership? The advantages of exercising outside are insane! For one, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper! Soon, you’ll want to be outside all year round -- better start working on your outdoor winter fitness program! For even more reason to cancel your membership, check out the mental health advantages that Dr. Greg Wells outlines in The Globe And Mail. He says that nature has various benefits when it comes to exercising -- for the most part, exercising the mind. He says that “Being exposed to plants decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, decreases resting heart rate and also decreases blood pressure.” It’s evident that running or cycling on outdoor trails, watching the leaves blow and hearing the birds chirp, can truly have a positive impact on one’s mental well-being and self esteem.

The fresh taste of spring! 


Of course, this season isn’t only about exercising. Spring brings back more than just longer and sunnier days. Seasonal fruits and veggies make clean eating exceptionally easy at this time of year! We must consider our dietary habits just as much as our workout routines. Forget about deep fried chicken and indulging in buttery recipes -- make room for the fresh taste of spring! From salmon to walnuts to strawberries, spring has a smart option for every food group. Eating Well, an award-winning national consumer magazine, offers hundreds of fresh spring recipes for all three meals, as well as daily snacks. No one says that you need to shy away from all things fattening, but moderation is key (especially during the months preceding summer -- remember, bikini season is coming). So step away from those desserts and clear some space for Cooking Light’s healthy spring recipes!

Spring fever!

Spring fever is the only type of fever you ever want to catch. It’s an oxymoron of sorts since our body is actually performing better than ever. Our bodies react to light just like it reacts to music. Just as certain songs boost our mood, the sun’s UV rays hit our eyes and instantly generate a more optimistic and energetic attitude. Helmut Schatz, spokesman for the German Society of Endocrinology, says that our pineal glands react to these lights, which tells the brain to terminate melatonin production. Essentially, this sleep hormone ceases to be generated and is replaced by an influx of serotonin, our happiness hormone. Ugh, can it just be spring all year round?

This season will quickly turn your spirits around, help you find your happy place and make it easy to spring out of bed each and every morning. So, get in that motivating mindset -- make your way outdoors, push yourself to workout harder than ever and try some fresh new recipes. Say goodbye to winter blues, plug in those earbuds, turn up the volume, and simply don’t worry, be happy!

Check out Revolsmusic’s Spotify SPRING FEVER playlist for some happy, spring vibes!

Cheers to spring 2017! 

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