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How Music Helps You Survive the Daily Commute

At around 7:00 am every weekday, workers and students get woken up by that blaring alarm sound and quickly jump out of bed. They make their way to their car, the bus, or metro, dreading the long, horrific hour-long commute that awaits them. Their eyes are burning, they’re falling asleep in their seat, and already daydreaming about happy hour that just can’t come soon enough. Surely many of you can relate.

How to make more of your daily commute?

The only way to endure these tedious, depleting rides is through the help of music. The notes and melodies amplified through our car speakers and earphones actually relieve us of some stress and provide us with a brief escape from our ever-so-repetitive realities. Even radio stations agree -- KiSS RADiO plays non-stop hits for all of their solo commuters’ enjoyment and for their carpool gangs to jam out to some upbeat tunes. Instead of making the drive an anxiety-trigger, make it something to look forward to! Dive into some Bob Marley to “be happy”, or even some Calvin Harris to soak in some “sweet nothing” to boost your morning vibes!

Leave the noise behind!

Emily Barker from NME provides a list of songs to help commuters get through their long mornings and rush hour afternoons. From rock and roll legend Led Zeppelin, to rap god Kanye West, there is certainly a sound for everyone. Perhaps you are making your way to your enclosed desk with barely any communication throughout the day. In this case, pumping up your drive with some of Montreal’s own, Arcade Fire, will definitely change your attitude and make you want to rock out in the comfort of your own cubicle. Or maybe you spend your days in a loud, distracting open-space office and you just want some time to yourself; play some soothing Simon and Garfunkle to mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming chaos.

Revolutionize your rush hour ritual!

Whether or not you’re a music lover, adding a dose of R&B, hip-hop, or EDM to your rush hour ritual is sure to change the distressing anticipation of your daily commute. So, on this cold November morning, we challenge you to make your commute a more exciting or a slightly more relaxing one. Quit dwelling on the negatives of it all, and fill your traffic jams with some motivational music jams!

Click here for Revolsmusic “Commute Escape Jams” playlist for today’s commute.

Happy Monday everyone!

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