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Let the Music Move You!

What is both empowering and a work of art? A form of beauty that motivates people from within and yields a sense of determination? M-U-S-I-C! It generates bravery in the shyest of people and recalls memories in the most forgetful. There’s a song for every moment, a playlist for every occasion and a lyric for every speech. Music can be the ultimate pep talk - it has the power to lift our spirits when they’re down and pump us up when we need that extra kick in the butt. What makes music so special is its ability to transcend audiences, languages and generations and unite us by speaking to our souls.

Go Team Go!

Your team is down twenty points and you’re shrugging your feet as you walk into the locker room for halftime. Instead of the anticipated criticism from the coach, you start hearing blasts of pumped up tunes echoing throughout the room and before you know it, the team morale has drastically shifted from defeated to defiant! Hey you never know, maybe Lady Gaga’s epic halftime show is what it took for the New England Patriots to make their record-breaking comeback in this year’s Super Bowl!

Not convinced? There’s science to prove it! Music’s energizing effect comes from the body’s sympathetic nervous system. Essentially, this section of our body prepares us to act in a certain way upon facing a challenge. Mark Fenske says that sounds and melodies trigger the corresponding responses and increase physiological arousal. In other words, songs like “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled will undoubtedly elicit a strong reaction. It’ll provoke athletes to get up off the bench, huddle up and jump around. As it generates physical and emotional responses, specific songs like this can have a true impact on your level of motivation.

Music might just be that extra something that can help you push harder, break your record, score the winning goal or reach that finish line! Click here for Bleacher Report’s top 100 pre-game pump up songs of all time! 


Feel The Music!

Just like trendy workout clothes, music can refresh your mindset and help motivate you to hit the gym! Listening to the perfect songs and pump-up playlists while exercising is sure to push you to reach your limit. With its ability to help you escape the outside world, it will become a lot easier to tune out surrounding noise, hone in on your one-minute plank and leave all distractions behind. It’s no wonder Zumba has become a 21st century sensation! While some argue that the results may take longer to show up, no one can deny that Zumba combines exercise and fun like no other workout can! Working out with music helps increase the enjoyment factor of your daily exercise. Staying disciplined with a workout regimen can be tough -- sometimes you need to rely on the uplifting tunes of artists like Calvin Harris and Tiesto to help get you off your couch and onto that treadmill!

Here To Help!

People truly find comfort in music. Whether they’re listening to Elton John sing about “Benny and the Jets” or blasting Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”, these songs can have a direct and positive influence on our mood. Your attitude and temperament can go from one extreme to the next just by hearing your favorite song. It’s amazing what melodies and lyrics can do to a person -- Päivi-Siski Eerola says that “synchronizing” music with someone can even help two people like each other more.

Of course music isn’t only about pumping us up during a big game or motivating us to work out one more day a week, its depth is much greater than that. It has great effects on our brain and mind, including improving our verbal IQ and even helping to treat heart disease. Music has the power to better our state of mind and improve our physical and psychological health. What you may have thought was sheer entertainment or a fun-loving tune can actually have a deeper impact on you than you think!

To all music lovers, team players, gym goers and anyone simply in need of a pick me up -- tune in, turn up the volume and #LetTheMusicMoveYou!

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