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Making the Gym a Post-Work Routine


You’ve already mastered the 7:00am wake up and have the 15-minute morning rush down to a tee. You’ve got your toast and coffee timed perfectly so it’s fresh and ready to grab as you scurry out the door. Every day starts with the same routine and you’ve actually grown quite fond of it. With everything timed so thoroughly, there’s not much room to squeeze yet another activity into your morning schedule. And then between the hours of 9:00-5:00, you’re glued to your desk and flexibility is even less likely. So, that leaves us the late afternoon/early evening for some well deserved and much needed me time. End your chaotic day and clear your head with an hour post-work workout. Just 60 minutes of me time is all it takes. There’s no better way to unwind than hitting the gym, taking a yoga class, or going for a run after a long and grueling workday.

Daily routine: wake up - work hard - sweat it out - repeat!

From the treadmill to the elliptical and bikes, there’s no telling where your Nikes may take you. Everyday can be different -- this hour will be for you and only you. It will be your long-awaited, well-deserved time to break up your oh-so repetitive daily routine. Take advantage and change it up! One day arms, one day legs, and the next abs! It’s your chance to start from scratch and work on anything you’ve been sweeping under the rug for way too long.

But exactly how easy is this commitment? Well, we’re here to give you some pointers on how to leave your stressful workday behind and give you the motivation you need to make it to that 5 o’clock spin class.

  1. Tech Time. We live in the era of ever-evolving technology and we can’t take it for granted. Besides the high-tech apps that provide detailed workouts and persuade you to track your food intake and daily steps, we suggest keeping it simple. Use the most basic application on your Smartphone: your Reminders. Set a daily reminder (or as many days of the week that you’d like) to hit the gym the second you see the clock strike 5:00. This will immediately trigger you to workout and keep your motivation going strong.
  2. Outfit Change. By bringing your workout wardrobe to the office, you have no excuse to go home after work and put the gym on hold. You can change in the bathroom, get mentally and physically prepared to hit the treadmill and make it there without wasting any time in the locker room. In a way, you’ll have tricked your mind that you are now committed to going to the gym and can focus on just that. This, in turn, optimizes your time and ensures that you stay on track.
  3. Buddy System. As we all know, having a friend to motivate you is definitely beneficial. Going to the gym alone can be difficult and albeit, boring. Make sure that you have a friend going with you the majority of the time, or at least constantly nagging you to go. Be cautious though; make sure you chose the right type of friend to encourage you in case you start slacking. You want someone just as keen on getting fit as you are so that they’ll help you stay focused on achieving your goals.
  4. Scheduling. Although you want to reach your goals by the deadline that you have set for yourself, there’s no need to overwork. There are some telling signs that you work out too hard and too often, like feeling exhausted instead of energized, disrupted sleeping patterns, and many more. Remember that you want to keep a healthy balance and don’t want to over train and risk injuring yourself.
  5. Mind vs. Body. You may feel exhausted from your 8-hour workday -- your mind has dealt with too many angry customers and too many tedious tasks, all you want to do is sleep. The problem? Your mind may be tired but your body still has a ways to go! Drew from NowLoss says, “Although your mental muscles might be failing, chances are your physical muscles are completely ready for a killer gym workout”. Listen to Drew -- don’t give into your tired eyes and drained mental capacity; hit the gym and feel accomplished!
  6. Set the Bar Low. Ashley Oerman from Women’s Health says that setting the bar REALLY low is the way to go. Think about it -- if you reach your goal within the first 15 minutes of being at the gym, you’ll feel accomplished, but you’ll have so much energy left in you to do some more! If the bar is set too high, it may take too long to achieve your goal, in turn making you doubt yourself and your abilities. Allow yourself to climb that ladder of success and ring the golden bell at the top!
  7. Focus on Benefits. Envision exactly what it is you are working so hard for; that tight butt, those hard-core abs and muscles on your muscles. Keep this vision in close proximity and never lose sight of it. If you focus on your goals and what you will be gaining, you will reap the benefits!
  8. Positive Reinforcement. Rewarding yourself when you warrant it is a great way to keep up your motivation and efforts. When you’ve earned that piece of dark chocolate and that glass of red wine, don’t feel guilty. Indulge and enjoy! This is when your hard work has truly paid off and you deserve to treat yourself. 

We all know that it’s difficult to break the “crashing on the couch right after work” routine, but we’re here to tell you that it’s easier than you think! Follow the simple steps above and you’re sure to put that gym membership to great use. For some music motivation, check out Revolsmusic on Spotify for all your workout needs. 

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