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The New Trend: Fitness Smartwatches

Need to track your hydration? Your heart rate? Maybe even your sleep? Not to worry! The latest gadget trend has got you covered: fitness smartwatches. These wristbands are more than just fashion statements or new gimmicky ways to tell the time; smartwatches can help track daily activity and set and achieve goals by keeping tabs on you at all times - even while you sleep!

It’s 2017, technology is ever evolving and wearable devices can now be found all over the body: on the wrist, in the ear, around your chest and even in your shoes! We’re becoming increasingly dependent on our devices and looking for ways to stay connected, receive live feedback and strive to break yesterday’s bests. Smart wearables can tell you when it’s time to stand up and take a stroll. With simple warnings like “Time to move!” on the Garmin Vivosmart, these devices are revolutionizing fitness and healthy living by keeping us more informed and motivated than ever before!

Health results in the palm of your hands

With the help of the Apple Watch or Fitbit’s extensive product line, a healthy lifestyle is becoming easier and easier to achieve. Society has become obsessed with measuring goals: how did I perform? How do I feel? What progress have I made? Paying an annual visit to the doctor can be less of a shock since we’re now able to monitor and evaluate our own health on a daily basis. Whether your motivation is related to weight loss, heart health or even plain old laziness - smartwatches are for you! They are a personal tool that can help you acquire your fitness results at any point in time. Whether you’re running your final lap or finishing your yoga practice with that last downward dog pose, you can track how many calories you’ve burnt and how hard you’ve pushed yourself.

Wakey wakey!

Whether it’s the number of steps taken in a day or hours slept per night; for fitness fanatics, precision is key! It’s common knowledge that we feel our best and push our hardest when we have a good night’s rest behind us, fueling our day. Sleep can be a funny thing. There’s under sleeping, over sleeping and then a bunch of zzz combinations in between! Ever wonder why it’s easier to wake up some mornings more than others? Smart devices can detect when that optimal wake-up time is. Azumio says that it’s best to wake up during your lightest sleep stage. This way, without messing up your sleep cycle, you will wake up feeling a lot more refreshed and energized. Best part is, no more annoying snooze alarms disrupting your entire household. With smartwatches, you can expect a subtle wrist vibration, allowing you to start your day on the right foot and maybe even delay that morning cup of joe by a few hours!

Apps on apps on apps…

Apps and smartwatches - a techie's dream come true. By having several apps that sync directly to your smartwatch, your wrist can constantly update you on your daily activity and remind you what you’re missing! Beebom outlines the 10 best apps for Android Wear. From providing you with actual daily workout routines to reminding you to take your medicine, these apps were truly designed for both fitness gurus and technology fanatics. Whatever it is your monitoring, whatever the objective is you’re tracking - there’s an app for that and a stylish smartwatch to go along with it!

Beyond fitness

Not a fitness freak? Smartwatches might still be for you! These go way beyond fitness and can help streamline your notifications, sync your tech devices and even ameliorate your smartphone’s existing features. With smartwatches, you can easily receive and make phone calls, get work email notifications and even respond to text messages while bypassing your phone completely! By simply dictating a message to your smart wearable, it can send the memo to any contact. Smartwatches are essentially quite smart, being able to accomplish several tasks without even having to touch the device. Just by raising your arm, the screen magically lights up. Being widely known for fitness purposes, of course they have music to go along with it. With different Android Wear, like the LG W150 Urbane, the Moto 360 and the Sony SmartWatch 3, you can easily get music on your wearable and connect Bluetooth earphones to them to jam out on your run! Simply follow Wareable’s instructions, and all of your favorite playlists will be available right on your wrist!

In today’s interconnected world, smartwatches might be just what you need to keep all of your gadgets and gizmos in sync and keep you and your health in check! It’s time to streamline your notifications, free up your hands and simplify your techie world. Pull up your sleeve, make room on that wrist, stay even more connected than ever before and watch what happens!

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