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The Power of White Noise

You may have only heard of white noise, but in fact, there are all sorts of other colors of noise out there. These range from red and pink to violet and blue. While they all have different frequencies, white noise tends to be the most well known. It’s the one that we commonly rely on when cramming for finals and nestling in our own little cocoon to tune out those distractions. It’s that continuous humming sound we often associate with relaxation, calmness and serenity.

White noise can be used as a sound screen in a loud environment to block out external noise. No matter the office, coffee shop or library, simply place your earphones in your ears and press play! Listen to a 10-hour loop of white noise to completely zone out of the distracting gossip around you and thoroughly dive into your work. This is sure to help your productivity during late night cram sessions -- with fewer disturbances and interruptions, you will accomplish what needs to get done. 

Babies are constrained inside the womb for nine months -- nine long and lonely yet peaceful and soothing months. They become accustomed to the feelings and smells inside of the womb, but the sounds they experience may have the greatest impact of all. Once they break into the outside world, the new sounds that all of a sudden surround them are a complete shock to the system! Even with all the people standing over them, constantly hovering, it’s still way too quiet for their standards. Dr. Michael Roizen, from Internal Medicine, explains that babies live inside their mother’s bodies with blood flowing through vessels and intestines moving. The sound levels in there could actually reach about 90 decibels (comparable to a loud train). So to them, the sweet whispers and gentle lullabies are simply too damn quiet! That helpless feeling of an inconsolable crying baby is something any parent knows all too well. Searching for a solution? In the ‘60s, the Marpac Dohm Sound Conditioner was invented: a machine that produces white noise to comfort infants and put an end to their tears. Finally, a natural reproduction (no pun-intended) of the noise they listened to contently for nine months is brought back into their lives, and at last -- you’ve got yourself a happy baby! 

White noise machines generate a sound that helps block out unwanted creaking in the house, loud neighbours and even snoring partners. It provides relief for anyone trying to get a restful, good night’s sleep. Even better -- they are portable and can be brought on your vacation. You can use them in your hotel rooms to block out the obnoxious footsteps in the hallway and to help you feel like you’re sleeping peacefully in the comfort of your own room at home.

Ever wonder why it’s so easy to fall asleep at the beach? White noise! The natural sounds of the waves crashing, birds chirping and trees blowing combine to recreate the ultimate sleepy playlist. Not near a beach? No worries, those machines do a pretty good job of recreating the serene sound. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, studying, or tuning out distractions -- white noise may be just what you’re looking for. Don’t believe me -- try it out for yourself!

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