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Top 10 Perfect Gifts for Fitness Freaks

For Fitness Freaks, words like fear and giving up are nowhere to be found in their vocabulary. When the going gets tough, their mantra is to simply #SweatItOut. We could all learn a thing or two from this #SweatLife mentality. They are constantly overachieving, beating yesterday's personal record, and somehow even once they reach their best, they strive for even better. Got a fitness fanatic in your life that inspires you? Gift them a present you know they really want. Let’s make their happy place (the gym) an even happier one, by putting them at the top of our holiday shopping list. Keep reading to discover this year’s top fitness-focused gifts!

This Season’s Top 10 Fitness Fads:

1. Hydration is key. As we all know, drinking liquids while working out is essential. With all that sweating, you must replenish those bodily fluids. And of course, why not do it in style? S’well water bottles are all that fitness freaks use nowadays -- with dozens of different colours and patterns and three different sizes, there are so many options to choose from to fit a specific personality and workout regimen. So if you know someone who is missing out on this must-have trend, relieve them of their drought and surprise them with a marble print or metallic bottle this holiday season!

2. Look better, feel better. Want to be best dressed on the treadmill? Looking to impress a certain someone at the gym? You know what you have to do. Tight fitting, bright colors, funky patterns -- they all seek to reach the same goal: looking good, and feeling better. Dr. Jonathan Fader tells Shape Magazine that putting on your workout clothes is like putting on a costume and getting into character for a performance. The white and navy striped basic tee and all black sweat joggers turn you into your alter-ego, ultimately making you feel better -- and perform better. Your fitness apparel will make you feel more confident and gain more focus and motivation. With holiday vacation coming up, shop for the fitness fanatics in your life and help them get into beach-body shape! 

Here’s our pick for him: 

Here’s our pick for her: 

Lululemon: As they have taken over athletic apparel internationally, it is only fitting that we choose Lululemon as our #1 fitness apparel pick. With hundreds of different styles for men and women, everyone’s individual personality will inevitably shine through. They use breathable material and offer a range of sizes and designs, assuring that buyers look and feel great!

3. And… More clothes! Socks, tights, or shorts -- no matter the article of clothing, as long as they squeeze tight, they constrict muscles enough to enhance any workout. And, you can have fun with this as well! Dr. Segal created a fashion line of compression socks for both men and women. With a variety of patterns to choose from, and at a fair price, help your fitness-crazed friend relieve some pain and swelling before their next training session!

Here’s our pick for him: 

Here’s our pick for her: 

4. Aches and pain be gone! On the topic of compressing your muscles, another handy tool is a foam roller or a massage roller stick. Let’s end the battle between the two and weigh the pros and cons. While the foam rollers are available in different levels of firmness, the massage stick roller comes in different lengths, making it the most convenient and portable option. Go out and choose one! Help your friend roll out any unwanted aches with either one of these essential fitness tools.

5. Namaste. Yoga is most definitely a trend right now, making their mats a must. Perhaps your friends aren’t the “yoga-type” -- either way, workout gurus need their mats too! For abs or stretches, these mats are fundamental; they add extra cushioning to help protect your back, hands, knees, and elbows. There are different types of fitness mats used for different types of exercises, so be sure to select the one that will match the specific workout style.


6. Workout on-the-go with resistance bands! They are offered in different colours and sizes, they’re easily portable, and they really just help make working out more fun. Whether you choose to buy tube bands with handles or big stretchy loop bands, you can opt for ones that allow for more or less resistance. Know anyone who likes to head out in the open space and train outdoors? Resistance bands were made for them, created to pick up and go!

7. Edible strength! Popeye was onto something! Chug a can of spinach and instantly grow muscles? Well… this is the next best thing. With different protein powders and gel packs, building strength and muscle never has to stop. Offered in four delicious flavours, Gatorade’s G2 is a light and easy way to help replace everything you sweat out during your workout! Energy drink tablets help to replenish your body’s electrolytes and keeps you energized for the rest of the day. Never let your friends feel exhausted or weak -- keep their momentum going with a protein shake and a watermelon-flavoured GU tablet!
Here’s our pick: 

Watermelon GU Drink Tab: Simply drop a tablet in your glass of water, and let it work its magic! You will be hydrated and energized in no time!

8. Explore with more! Make an outdoor adventure one to remember, without any forgotten necessities. Besides the obvious backpack and water bottle, prepare a hiking kit for your friend’s next big excursion with some bonus useful tools! A bandana (tie-dye, to be exact), for example, will keep their hair pulled back, and stop the sweat from dripping down their face. It’s important to carry a journal as well -- commemorate every moment of the Grand Canyon hike. Another way to do that is with a camera or GoPro; capture every step towards the summit! So start your adventurous friend off on the right track, and include the following “Hiking Kit Essentials”: backpack, water bottle, bandana/hat, walking stick, journal, camera, snacks (protein bars, meal replacement bars, etc.), sunglasses, tissues, extra layers of clothing, first aid kid, and anything else you could possibly think you’d want on a 7,000 foot climb.

9. Stay safe, stay smart. Running, biking, hiking -- chances are they’re headed far, and are possibly alone. Never let a dear friend take a trip a thousand miles away without a Smartwatch. As long as they keep it on at all times, you’re good to go! They can receive your incoming messages and phone calls, and you can have them on a radar, tracking them every step of the way and knowing exactly when to expect them home. The Smartwatch is beneficial for the person mountain biking in the Adirondacks, and to put your own mind at ease -- it’s a win/win gift idea!

10. Moving with music! Never miss a beat -- make sure the fitness freak in your life is prepared with all the essentials, the most important being their earphones of course! A lot of people find it tough to workout without a beat to follow. Make sure they never have to try this. With Bluetooth earphones, they have the ability to be a lot more mobile and won’t have to worry about their plugs disconnecting. Buying one with sweat resistance is another bonus -- with an IPX4 rating, a splash of water as they soak their face won’t do any harm to their earphones. It’s the hottest new electronic, making working out as easy as the click of a button (no pun intended)!

So, keep your workout-obsessed friends up to date with the latest and greatest fitness fads. For even greater training sessions, send them over to Spotify to get the best playlists for their different types of workouts! Revolsmusic has a slow session playlist, another for the more intermediate trainers, and of course a fast-paced mix!

Happy shopping!

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