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Top Gifts for Gadget Geeks in 2016

When the average consumer thinks of technology, they likely picture the top three items they just can’t live without: their smartphone that’s practically glued to their hand, their computer used for all things personal and professional, and their TV which they turn to for a daily dose of news and entertainment. But guess what? Beyond these three essentials, is an ever evolving world of technology and innovation. From cameras, to smart devices, to audio equipment and gaming systems, 2016 has truly been a revolutionary year in the tech industry.

Got a tech-loving gadget geek on your Holiday gift list? We’re here to help!


Follow us through the “Gadget Geek Gift Guide” for a perfect combination of the trendiest gadgets out there. We’ve split up this year’s top gadget gifts into four different categories: cameras, smart devices, music/audio, and some general tech goodies!


  • Vintage cameras: With cameras, the quality of the image is most important. But in fact, the actual camera style is a close second. With so many different options out there, you want to make sure you find just the right one to match the end user’s personality.  It seems as though 2016 is bringing back an old school feel when it comes to camera styling. Product designers have taken the retro route and are going back to the basics. Here’s a list of awesome vintage-style cameras to choose from!
  • Security cameras: Gadget geeks are most definitely concerned with safety. Not only for their own well-being, but of course to protect their gizmos as well! Some include motion sensors with real-time alerts to let you know when someone approaches your house, infrared LED lights for night vision, and many more features. This year’s innovative security cameras are taking safety to the next level!


Smart Devices

  • Hands free: Some skeptics may see these gadgets as the start of the robot apocalypse… Chill out! These are just small interactive machines that help make our daily activities a touch easier and a lot more fun! If you need to change an appointment in your calendar, check the weather outside, or set an alarm for the next morning, your hands free home device has got you covered! Your voice is their command. The Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Dashbot AI are the latest and greatest in this category. Gift one of these to a certain someone in your life who can use the extra set of “hands” -- they’re sure to love it!
  • Universal charger: Multiple wires plugged into the same power bar can get MESSY. Avoid this tangled disaster with this one-stop solution: a multiple USB port charging station. By having multiple USB cables surrounding a charging station on different ends, it allows several devices to be charged simultaneously, without the wires ever crossing over one another. Take ECLIPSE for example, the cables for this charging station have their own precision engineered channel that they are wound into. A true tangle free solution!



  • Music creations: Sometimes instruments are just too bulky to carry around with you on the subway, or way too heavy to lug to your friend’s house for a jam session. Get your friend something smaller to replicate their melodies with. Help them craft their music with just a small tool and some futuristic technology, like Roli Music Blocks or Freedrum. These are both small, portable and so convenient! Give the gift of making music any time, any place.
  • Turntables/speakers: Audiophiles love to hear clear, crisp, uninterrupted audio -- something they can get from either a vintage turntable or quality Bluetooth speakers. Both are very on trend this holiday season, and both provide the premium sound that many music lovers are searching for. From the Mag-Lev Audio Turntable to the UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speakers, there are a variety of options out there. The type you choose will depend on the recipient’s personality -- either way they will enjoy listening to their favorite tunes, eggnog in hand, ready for the holiday festivities to begin!


Tech Goodies


  • Virtual reality headset: To crank up the future of technology just one more notch, in comes the invention of the virtual reality headset. Google’s Daydream View headset is just one example of many that take users on a real-life simulated experience. Does the gadget geek in your life prefer to hide behind their screens and consoles? Allow them to do just that and play out their days in a virtual world. The possibilities are endless -- from playing a game to walking around a different city, tech lovers will be in their element the second they cover their eyes.
  • Drones: From the military to Hollywood, drones are used for a variety of reasons; it’s no wonder they are the top item on everyone’s Christmas list. Now even more used “for the fun of it,” let’s keep our gadget-addicted friends young and get them a toy to fly around. Let the inner child within them shine through with a present that combines a remote control helicopter and a super secret spy camera.
  • Gaming: From Xbox Kinect to Nintendo Wii, gaming systems have never been better. This year’s big one to watch out for is the Nintendo Switch. Home or on-the-go, give your gaming-crazed friend a console that will allow them to pick up on any unfinished game, no matter where they are (even on that long family drive upstate for Christmas).


Get in touch with your inner geek and explore all the latest gadgets out there! Use our gizmo gift guide to help make that tech lover in your life very happy this Holiday season!
Happy shopping!

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