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What Is Music Good For? Absolutely Everything!

Mothers use soothing melodies to lull their babies to sleep, coaches play pump up tunes to motivate their teams, newlyweds express their love with a first dance -- evidently, music is used for anything and everything. Imagine life without music; imagine a club without the bass shaking the floors, and imagine movies without their compelling soundtracks to get you to shed that single tear. Music sets the tone to every scene and can boost any mood. 

No matter what language you speak, music is universally understood by everyone. It might have a different meaning to different people, but hey, at least it resonates in some sort of way! Open your ears and let it in! Here’s a list of the top 10 best uses for music -- each one lifting your spirits and getting you amped up for what’s to come! 

    1. Party time. Of course, this is at the top of the list. Nobody wants to walk into a so-called “rager” without bass shaking the house. Even during those fourth grade parties, with spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven, music had to set the mood or the boys and girls would forever be separated across the room. Thanks to the rockin’ tunes of the 80s, 90s and today, first kisses and raging parties would be unforgettable!
    2. Chills. Solo or with friends; hanging in your family room or chilling at the beach -- no matter who’s involved or where you’re situated, relaxing slow jams and Indie classics are exactly what you need. It’s your time to take a load off, kick back and turn off your brain for a couple of hours. You’ve merited some well-deserved one on one time with Vance Joy and Jack Johnson.
    3. Focus. This one is targeted mainly at the millennials out there. The young and vibrant, the awake and energized young people of the world. They are the experts at multitasking and the ones who focus better when listening to their favorite tunes. Wearing vintage band tees around the office, it’s no wonder they need Billy Joel’s iconic voice to help them meet their deadlines.
    4. Pump up. You could be getting ready to go out, prepping for a big sporting event, or perhaps even just out and about with some friends. You feel great and you want your music to match your mood. Switch on the most upbeat, energizing songs out there and you’re set! With energy levels cranked all the way up and fist pumping for days, nothing could get you down!
    5. Work out. We all know that the number 1 motivator for workout routines is music. You constantly have lyrics blasting in your ear, indirectly pushing you to work harder and harder. Nothing can make you drop 50 more than Avicii’s Can’t Catch Me track -- so put on your gear, hop on the treadmill and click play!
    6. Mood booster. Music is processed in several brain areas in a variety of ways. Molly Edmonds wrote in How Stuff Works that, “The neurological studies of music on the brain seem to indicate that we're hardwired to interpret and react emotionally to a piece of music.” So, simply by hearing certain lyrics or a specific tune, you could go from awfully miserable and filled with sorrow to cheerful and incredibly happy! 
    7. Seasonal music. While we’re constantly showered with new music, we sometimes feel the need to lean on the classics. Of course, new material could be implemented into the original repertoire, but for the most part, we have our seasonal music down packed. There are certain songs that you know will be played every summer for years on end, and others that you can expect to hear every single Christmas for the rest of time. They help put you in the right mindset for that specific holiday or current weather -- and it unites us all!
    8. Movie soundtracks. The Breakfast Club is known for its iconic closing song by Simple Minds, Don’t You Forget About Me. Who knows -- without this final song, maybe the movie wouldn’t have become a classic? Movie soundtracks not only impact how legendary a film can become, but it also distinguishes between an audience believing that it is a comedy when it was meant to be a tear-jerker. The right songs have to be chosen in order to elicit the proper emotions. Definitely don’t expect the crowd to cry during a breakup scene with Pharrell singing about how happy he is… 
    9. Calming sounds. The ocean breeze, leaves blowing in the wind, or even rain drops slowly trickling down the roof. These sounds tend to have a calming effect for anxiety and tension. It helps relieve any stresses you may be having and goes hand-in-hand with meditation. Even white noise helps people focus on their studies. Without these background noises and sound effects, a lot of people would find it difficult to find peace and stay serene.
    10. Milestones. Birthday parties, sweet sixteens, weddings -- these all have one thing in common: great celebration music! These are milestones that need to be honored, and hostesses and DJ’s make sure that this is done with the power of exciting and stimulating tunes!

Music is without a doubt a universal language; it makes everyone feel and act certain ways. The connection that you feel with just one simple melody is truly amazing. Put in your earphones and see for yourself!

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