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Why Earphones Are a Must in the Open Concept Workspace

Google was definitely onto something great when they pioneered the new wave of trendy office space designs. That being said, we think it’s safe to say that we all have a love/hate relationship with the open concept workspace. On one hand the bright open layout promotes employee initiation, office socialization and team collaboration. But on the other hand, there is a definite lack of personal space and “me” time that we at times desperately crave in the middle of a chaotic work day! Not to mention, it can be so darn distracting. Ever find yourself deep in thought, pondering an idea, looking around the room as the thoughts start to piece together and then BAM! - You overhear some office gossip or catch a glimpse at a neighbouring laptop screen and it’s game over?! Your productive train of thought has come to a drastic and disjointed halt and you catch yourself saying “...what was I thinking about again?” Mhm, we’ve all been there.

The trick to staying focused in a noisy, distracting, open-concept work environment? MUSIC! Some well-curated audio distraction can be the ultimate noisy office escape. One recent study out of Cornell University even showed that listening to upbeat tunes at work can affect your overall mood and performance! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of over the ear headphones or more subtle in-ear buds, any sort of audio distraction will do! For those exceptionally distracting days when music just isn’t enough, you can rely on noise blocking features like active noise cancellation or passive noise isolation to escape the office buzz.

In need of some more convincing? Here are 5 reasons why earphones are a must at work:

  1. People are less inclined to bug you with something insignificant because you appear “busy”.
  2. Your rhythm (no pun intended) of work will be consistent, uninterrupted and more productive!
  3. In need of a midday pick me up? Changing up your playlist can work better than another cup of coffee!
  4. Worried you’ll appear rude or standoffish? Nonsense! Earphones have essentially become a standard part of the office dress code, you’ll fit right in!
  5. Nobody likes a nosy neighbour! Your earphones will keep you in the zone and focused on work instead of office gossip you’d rather stay out of.

Are you ready to tune into your music and out of the office chaos that surrounds you? Check out our “Focus Beats” playlist, your boss can thank us later!

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