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The Tech Industry: Marketers Vs. Engineers

Everyone begins with the same tools: a sharpened pencil and a blank piece of paper -- or in today’s world, more like a fully charged laptop, photoshop and a go-to Spotify playlist. They start to lay out their ideas and, slowly, they transition from scattered thoughts to concrete reality. An engineer may begin the project as a solo artist, but soon after, a business-minded partner is sure to step in and help broaden their vision.  The tech industry is a great outlet for these two minds to work together, in a [let’s be honest] not-so-perfect harmony. Sure, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine, but put these two powerhouses together, and you’ve got yourself a smoke show team and a revolutionary...

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Pre-Marathon Jitters

You know that stomach-churning, roller coaster feeling you get right before a big presentation? Or that nauseating, gut-wrenching feeling you get right before you get on stage to sing in front of a big crowd? Well, that same familiar feeling reappears when you’ve got pre-marathon jitters. Running a marathon, whether it’s a 6 mile, 13 mile or the full thing, is never “nothing”. It’s a great big, giant deal and it’s more than okay to treat it that way. You’ve been training for months and you’re nervous -- the pressure is on and it only makes sense to feel it. All of your time and hard work is dedicated to the next four or so hours of your life and...

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The People Behind Revols: Tali

Q&A with Tali After learning about Revols’ co-founders, Dan and Navi, we figured it was about time we heard from their counterparts. These startup wives have truly helped build this company from the ground up and have a lot to share! I got the chance to sit down and begin the discussion with Tali Katz, the Marketing Director at Revols. In true startup fashion, she helps take care of anything and everything. I was intrigued to learn more about her many roles as well as shine some light on her personality and interests.   What do you do as the Marketing Director at a startup company? Like everyone on the team, I wear many hats and dabble in a bunch...

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The Power of White Noise

You may have only heard of white noise, but in fact, there are all sorts of other colors of noise out there. These range from red and pink to violet and blue. While they all have different frequencies, white noise tends to be the most well known. It’s the one that we commonly rely on when cramming for finals and nestling in our own little cocoon to tune out those distractions. It’s that continuous humming sound we often associate with relaxation, calmness and serenity. White noise can be used as a sound screen in a loud environment to block out external noise. No matter the office, coffee shop or library, simply place your earphones in your ears and press play!...

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Revols May Top 10 Playlist

April showers bring May flowers -- and some amazing tunes too! As you bid goodbye to dreary April, embrace the warm May weather and let this month’s top hits put that extra spring in your step. May’s filled with all things cool, calm and sunny. It gives off a certain je ne sais quoi. Everyone’s walking around with spring fever -- their friendly smiles, sunkissed tans and upbeat attitudes are simply contagious! Got something to sing about? Put in those earphones, enjoy the tunes and let it all out! While most of the time we restrict our not-so-talented singing voices to the confines of our homes, sometimes you just can’t help but belt it out! Stevie Wonder, a May-born himself,...

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