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What Is Music Good For? Absolutely Everything!

Mothers use soothing melodies to lull their babies to sleep, coaches play pump up tunes to motivate their teams, newlyweds express their love with a first dance -- evidently, music is used for anything and everything. Imagine life without music; imagine a club without the bass shaking the floors, and imagine movies without their compelling soundtracks to get you to shed that single tear. Music sets the tone to every scene and can boost any mood.  No matter what language you speak, music is universally understood by everyone. It might have a different meaning to different people, but hey, at least it resonates in some sort of way! Open your ears and let it in! Here’s a list of the...

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Making the Gym a Post-Work Routine

  You’ve already mastered the 7:00am wake up and have the 15-minute morning rush down to a tee. You’ve got your toast and coffee timed perfectly so it’s fresh and ready to grab as you scurry out the door. Every day starts with the same routine and you’ve actually grown quite fond of it. With everything timed so thoroughly, there’s not much room to squeeze yet another activity into your morning schedule. And then between the hours of 9:00-5:00, you’re glued to your desk and flexibility is even less likely. So, that leaves us the late afternoon/early evening for some well deserved and much needed me time. End your chaotic day and clear your head with an hour post-work workout....

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Finally Spring!

Ah, spring has finally arrived. It’s time to put that big, bulky winter coat back in storage and replace it with your oh so cool, lightweight leather jacket. You’re finally able to roll down those windows -- maybe even the sunroof -- and enjoy some fresh air on your drive to work. Oh and while we’re on the subject of work commutes, maybe it’s time you cycled or even jogged to and from the office instead of sitting on that lazy you know what… just a thought! Spring into gear and take advantage of the gorgeous weather. Tie up those new sneaker laces, make your way outside, and enjoy the first run of the season! While you’re kicking your outdoor...

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Let the Music Move You!

What is both empowering and a work of art? A form of beauty that motivates people from within and yields a sense of determination? M-U-S-I-C! It generates bravery in the shyest of people and recalls memories in the most forgetful. There’s a song for every moment, a playlist for every occasion and a lyric for every speech. Music can be the ultimate pep talk - it has the power to lift our spirits when they’re down and pump us up when we need that extra kick in the butt. What makes music so special is its ability to transcend audiences, languages and generations and unite us by speaking to our souls. Go Team Go! Your team is down twenty points...

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The New Trend: Fitness Smartwatches

Need to track your hydration? Your heart rate? Maybe even your sleep? Not to worry! The latest gadget trend has got you covered: fitness smartwatches. These wristbands are more than just fashion statements or new gimmicky ways to tell the time; smartwatches can help track daily activity and set and achieve goals by keeping tabs on you at all times - even while you sleep! It’s 2017, technology is ever evolving and wearable devices can now be found all over the body: on the wrist, in the ear, around your chest and even in your shoes! We’re becoming increasingly dependent on our devices and looking for ways to stay connected, receive live feedback and strive to break yesterday’s bests. Smart...

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