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The Countdown to Summer Is On!

WHY NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO START WORKING ON YOUR SUMMER BODY    Winter days are long and gloomy. And as the snow falls, our motivation to be active and willpower to get off the couch seem to follow in its path. To escape from the frigid cold, we hibernate at home and only venture out when we really have to. Before you know it, this dreary season has completely taken over your body both mentally and physically. It’s been weeks (maybe even months) since you last exercised and no, the 10 slushy steps you take to and from your car don’t count. While hiding under oversized sweaters, baggy sweatpants and a down jacket might help hide the truth,...

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The People Behind Revols: Navi

Q&A with Navi  Our Q&A session with Daniel Blumer, CEO and co-founder of Revols, left us inspired and eager to learn more about the people behind this revolutionary startup. Naturally, next in line was Dan’s equal and opposite counterpart, lifelong best friend and trusted business partner, Navi Cohen. Navi is the engineering mastermind behind this custom fitting technology, claiming the more formal title: Revols Co-founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Given my business-related background, the world of R&D, product development and manufacturing was all too new to me. With endless questions and so much to talk about, I sat down with Navi to learn more about him and his role at Revols!  Quickly sum up your job description. I’m the...

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The Timezone Struggle

HOW TO: COMMUNICATING WITH DIFFERENT TIMEZONES AT WORK Eight hours of sleep, doctor’s orders -- well, that doctor clearly never had to coordinate with multiple timezones. As much as you try and respect that bed time you’ve assigned yourself, working with people in different countries who are on different schedules can get a little tricky. It often comes down to a battle between work and sleep -- and in most cases, work wins. Between staying up until midnight and waking up at the crack of dawn, it’s no wonder mid-day cat naps have become a daily routine at the office. The down side of sleep deprivation? Constant fatigue and increased chances of getting sick and sluggish. But what choice do...

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The #Startuplife

Working in the stuffy hierarchical corporate world, filled with cubicles as far as the eye can see and office politics that make your head spin, always lacked a certain je ne sais quoi.  Perhaps it’s the terrifying thought of finding myself in a Groundhog Day situation -- life remaining static and constant, stuck on replay until the end of time. Repeatedly driving in rush hour day after day to the same boring desk job, stuck in an uncomfortable suit for 10 hours, answering aggravating emails, and taking only and exactly 30 minutes to eat my lunch, go to the washroom and have an actual face-to-face conversation with my colleagues. To me, the corporate life is missing unique personalities, captivating conversations,...

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Top 10 Outdoor Winter Workouts

We’re reaching the bitter end of January and it seems like the days are only getting colder. We wake up and it’s dark, we get home from work and it’s even darker; pretty much causing us to lose any bit of motivation that still lingers from our New Year’s Resolutions. When it’s a typical winter day, with a high of -25 degrees, and all you’re focused on is surviving the daily commute, it’s hard to make exercising a priority. The drop in temperature makes our minds and bodies experience a serious drop in energy. Seasonal depression is all too real in these dark, frigid months that seem to drag on forever. The cold weather curses us for too long, causing...

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