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Music, Mood & Memories

Ever wonder why when times are hard, it seems like only music can help ease the pain? The same goes for when you’re feeling on top of the world -- there’s nothing like an upbeat song to make you feel like you’re “Walking on Sunshine”! Going through a breakup? Just got promoted at work? Having an exceptionally fantastic or horrible day? There’s a song for that! No matter your state of mind, whether you’re at an all time high or a deep dark low -- music is there to enhance the feeling. It’s been proven that listening to music or playing an instrument, can have a direct impact on a person’s life and overall mood. But, to what extent? Often...

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Commuting in the Cold

Montreal winters can be brutal. At times we ask ourselves: “why the hell do we even live here”? No seriously. Why have we chosen to reside in a place where -35 degrees celsius is just your average day in the month of January. Calgarians, New Yorkers, and North Dakotans experience similar weather conditions making #WinterBlues a harsh reality known by too many. So what to do? There’s always the option of fleeing the cold and escaping to a warm, sun-filled spot like Florida or Mexico -- but come on, are you 85 years old? If you’re brave enough to battle the frigid weather you’ll need some wool socks, waterproof boots and a down jacket to keep you dry and warm. ...

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New Year's Resolutions: How to Make Them Stick

Welcome to 2017! We’ll probably get the hang of writing the numbers 2-0-1-7 in our agendas once May rolls around -- anyone else have this issue? In all seriousness, a new year means another promising attempt at accomplishing our ambitious new year’s resolutions. We know it can be daunting, but don’t put it off! The first few days of the new year are the perfect time to force ourselves into a new routine, make a crucial changes or commit to something different. When the going gets tough, just remind yourself that it will only get easier and truly pay off in the long run. Don’t let your (failed) track record keep you from trying again. Avoid your mind going to...

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How to Listen to Music in the Office

The 70’s Walkman began the revolution of listening to music on-the-go, personalizing your song repertoire, and ensuring that it’s private. Since then, the invention of MP3 players and the iPod have broken new ground for this type of portable audio entertainment. The list goes on to include cassettes, CDs, earphones/headphones, playlists, and custom patterns and styles. The desire to have your music follow you throughout the day is not associated with just one group in particular. For High School students, the new norm is to bring their music players to school so they can show off their brand new, bright blue iPod mini to all their friends. Meantime in the business world, music follows professionals from their beds, to their...

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Top 10 Travel Hacks

Whether it’s business or pleasure, traveling can be the perfect temporary escape from reality (whatever reality that may be). Work stresses, family obligations, social dramas - you name it, we’ve all been there. It’s safe to say, we all need a little break from our not-so calm lives every now and again. Often these getaways are planned way in advance with months of anticipation between booking and actually taking off. As the final days approach, we mark giant X’s in our calendars to give our departure date that dramatic countdown it deserves. But let’s be real. Travelling isn’t all fun and fantasy now is it. Waiting in lines, unanticipated delays, lost luggage and that bland airplane food can put a...

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