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Top 10 Perfect Gifts for Fitness Freaks

For Fitness Freaks, words like fear and giving up are nowhere to be found in their vocabulary. When the going gets tough, their mantra is to simply #SweatItOut. We could all learn a thing or two from this #SweatLife mentality. They are constantly overachieving, beating yesterday's personal record, and somehow even once they reach their best, they strive for even better. Got a fitness fanatic in your life that inspires you? Gift them a present you know they really want. Let’s make their happy place (the gym) an even happier one, by putting them at the top of our holiday shopping list. Keep reading to discover this year’s top fitness-focused gifts! This Season’s Top 10 Fitness Fads: 1. Hydration is...

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Top Gifts for Gadget Geeks in 2016

When the average consumer thinks of technology, they likely picture the top three items they just can’t live without: their smartphone that’s practically glued to their hand, their computer used for all things personal and professional, and their TV which they turn to for a daily dose of news and entertainment. But guess what? Beyond these three essentials, is an ever evolving world of technology and innovation. From cameras, to smart devices, to audio equipment and gaming systems, 2016 has truly been a revolutionary year in the tech industry. Got a tech-loving gadget geek on your Holiday gift list? We’re here to help! GADGET GEEK GIFT GUIDE Follow us through the “Gadget Geek Gift Guide” for a perfect combination of...

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Top 6 Perfect Gifts for the Audio Lover

Christmas is the season of giving -- you give presents, you spread love, you share joy, and you reward the nice (sometimes even the naughty). But all of this giving can be exhausting, time-consuming, and stressful. You have so many people to please, so many gifts to buy; it’s no wonder your bank account seems to be at an all time low! It’s all too easy to put off that annual Holiday trip to the mall, where just finding a parking spot feels like a small victory. But the time has come my friends, procrastinating has gotten you to this point and now it’s time to bite the bullet, take a deep breath and tackle that extensive gift list. Not...

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The People Behind Revols: Daniel

Q&A with Daniel Startup companies are constantly breaking new ground, coming up with innovative ideas for products and services, and creating a different type of work environment. To be successful in this domain, you need to be a creative self-starter, something Daniel Blumer, CEO and co-founder of Revols earphones, knows extremely well. I sat down with Dan and asked him questions about Revols, the startup life, and even got some bonus answers to some trivia questions about himself. Take a look down below! How did you first come up with the idea for the earphones? Well, Navi actually came to me; we’ve always wanted to do something together (the two have been friends for over 25 years), so he came...

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Revols Top 10 December Playlist

What’s not to love about December? Sure, the overplayed Christmas songs can get old, your credit card might get maxed out, and the daunting idea of your upcoming new year’s resolution looms over you like a dark cloud. Hey grinch, it’s not all bad is it? Though it may be the last month of the year, December can be a month of many firsts. Seeing the first snowfall, enjoying the first sip of hot chocolate, going on that first ski run and of course, welcoming in the new year with family and friends. These are all pretty amazing reasons why we should embrace Winter, and the final month of 2016. Let’s forget about all of the torments that December puts...

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