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The idea

Revol Technologies Inc. was co-founded in Montreal in 2014, and we’ve been on a revolutionary ride ever since. The idea behind Revols derived from our endless and frustrating search for the perfect pair of earphones. Thinking back on all the disappointing in-ear buds and over-the-ear headphones we’ve ever owned, it dawned on us that our ears are as unique as our fingerprints and could never be satisfied by a one-size-fits-all mold.

While custom-fit earphones were an alternative, their high price point ($1000+) and arduous process (1-2 months) placed them out of reach. And so we created Revols, a pair of wireless customized earphones that provide the same comfort and sound benefits as traditional custom-fits, at a fraction of the cost and time.

With Revols, we can finally put an end
to our earphone search & enjoy the extraordinary
audio experience we’ve all been craving.

The journey

The Earphone Revolution has truly begun and we have our early supporters to thank.

As our community grows, we will continue to deliver an unparalleled audio experience and revolutionize the way in which we all enjoy sound. We are at the beginning of our limitless journey and we are excited to see what the future holds!

July 2015

The team moves to Shenzhen,
China to participate in the 7th cohort of HAX,
the world’s leading hardware accelerator.

January 2016

The 60-day Kickstarter comes to an end and
Revols claims the title as the #1 Canadian crowdfunding campaign of all time! 

January 2017

Attending CES 2017 in Las Vegas and exhibiting
at Eureka Park. Attention all CES go-ers:
be sure to stop by the Revols booth and say hi!

January 2015

Prototyping begins as we transform our revolutionary patent-pending idea into reality.

September 2015

A partnership with Onkyo is formed,
marking the beginning of an exciting
collaboration for both companies.

August 2016

The Canadian patent for our innovative customization technology is approved!

Summer 2017

Initial batch of 11,000+ pre-order units will be delivered into the hands of our earliest supporters from around the world.

To be continued

The team

We’re a passionate group of hard-working music lovers, fitness freaks and tech geeks! Our team is comprised of skilled electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers as well as experienced marketers and business strategists. As part of a small and dynamic team, each one of us plays an integral role in the development of Revols and brings a unique perspective to the table.

What do a bunch of business professionals and engineers have in common? We all dislike generic earphones!







Years of friendship



Product Design iterations



Flights between
Montreal & Shenzhen


Favorite word



Cups of coffee


by The Beatles

Favorite song

The partners

Throughout this journey, we have strategically aligned ourselves with experienced partners and invaluable mentors. Simply put, Revols would not be where it is today if it weren’t for their continued support and partnership. We consider them an extension of the Revols team and are extremely grateful for their active involvement in the earphone revolution!

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