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Kickstarter FAQ

Hi All, 

We know that the Logitech acquisition is big news and so we’ve created an FAQ below that should help answer many of your questions. If we are missing your question, please do not hesitate to reach out to and we will do our best to constantly update this page.

We want to assure you that Logitech very much shares our passion and excitement for the custom-fit earphone space. We closed the deal very recently and Logitech has already dedicated a large team of engineers who are at the factory working to help get this project over the finish line. We will provide more details in January when we have more information to share!


When can we expect to get our product?
We cannot provide a specific time-frame when the product will ship. The acquisition closed just days ago, and Logitech has already committed resources and a large team of engineers to help us bring this to the finish line. When we have more details to share in January, we will provide more information.

Are you now accepting requests for refunds?
We are still unable to issue any refunds at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but rest assured, Revols and Logitech are committed to doing everything we can to get the product over the finish line and will come back with additional details soon.

It has been so long since I backed your product, will your technology be obsolete by the time it gets to us?
We can assure you that the technology of your earphones is truly innovative. This is one of the reasons why Logitech has decided to work with us.

Once the product is available, when can I expect to receive it?
Our Kickstarter backers will, of course get priority, but we cannot provide a specific time-frame when the product will ship. As mentioned, this acquisition has just closed. We are still working out many of the details and we will be able to share more information in January.

I saw you removed Onkyo from your website. Has their technology been removed from the product?
We can confirm that all Kickstarter orders will still be powered by Onkyo.

Now that Logitech is helping with this project, are you going to produce the charging case?
We will not produce the charging case. This is an item that we stopped working on a few months ago and we have already shared this update with our backers.

Who is now communicating to the backers?
As Revols have joined forces with Logitech, we have both representatives communicating and relaying the message to our backers.

Don't you think you should have consulted your backers about this first?
We try to keep backers as informed as possible. We could not share this information with our backers for feedback in advance given the confidentiality involved in an acquisition. We are confident joining forces with Logitech will get the product to the finish line, and ultimately to you! 

How can we reach out to Logitech directly to get more answers?
We understand your concerns, and rest assured Logitech is committed to the team, technology and product. Logitech and Revols are working very closely together, and Logitech is taking in all the feedback you’re sharing here on Kickstarter.

Did you join the Logitech team because you ran out of money?
As mentioned, we have always been responsible with the funds and allocated them responsibly. We can assure you that this acquisition was based on Logitech and Revol's mutual commitment to this team, technology and product.



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