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The Key to Solving the Biggest Problem With Earphones: Customization

Our ears are as unique as our fingertips -- a challenge that innovators in the earphone and headphone industry are presented with daily. No matter the product, whether it be hearing aids, premium earphones or even simple noise isolating ear plugs, the same issue continues to arise: each ear canal is incomparable to any other. With this, trying to get the same size earbuds to fit a variety of types of ears is inevitably an impossible task. Each person’s ear is a different shape, size, and form; earphones cannot follow a “one size fits all” platform. The reason why generic earphones do not work as well as consumers would like them to is based on the main premise that one size most definitely does NOT fit all. Universal, or as some like to call them “generic”, earphones are uncomfortable. They never fit the way you want them to, they fall out constantly, and because of these issues, we get choppy, interrupted sound quality. I am definitely tired of buying and, quickly after, throwing out endless pairs of earphones. Aren’t you? Fortunately, there is a solution: customization. Earphones that are made specifically to fit one single ear solves every problem we’ve ever had with finding the right pair. With the right technique, the fit and the sound quality can be exponentially improved, and our time and money can be salvaged as well. With this, you will never have to buy another pair of earphones again! Now, before you run out to get a pair, let’s go over the pros and cons of different methods to customization.

Traditional vs. Revolutionary Approaches to Custom-fit Earphones

For years, Engineers and Industrial Designers have been working on developing ideas and products that push the boundaries of the traditional custom-fit earphone (“custom-fits”) industry. Although they come at the problem from different angles, their objective remains the same: finding the ideal custom-fit earphone solution that can appeal to the masses. The traditional customization process involves taking a trip to a local audiologist where he/she will take a video otoscopy to get a clear view of the ear canal and eardrum. After this, there will be over a month-long wait for your custom-fit tips to arrive. And, if the trip and wait isn’t off-putting enough, they can also cost over a thousand dollars US. For the average audio consumer, the time and cost involved in this traditional method are far too much (and draining might I add…). There have been concepts that attempted to improve these methods and solve the common issues that consumers are facing. Some of these alternatives involve hot water molds and 3D-printed earpiece models, but none of these have been as seamless, reliable or user friendly, as perhaps the most recent, revolutionary approach to custom-fit earphones: a gel-filled hardening technique.

5 reasons why customized earphones crush generic earbuds:

  1. They fit your ears, and your ears ONLY. There is no more worrying about your friends borrowing your earphones and never returning them, because they will have no use for them. They simply won’t fit their ears!
  2. They will finally stay in your ears! (No more falling out and readjusting every two seconds) Whether you’re listening to music on a bumpy bus ride, or attempting to keep them in during your 5km jog, your customized earphones are sure to stick in place.
  3. SAVINGS! Who doesn’t love to save money? With tailored-fit earphones, you’ll never have to buy another pair again! Your wallet will thank you for that.
  4. Enjoying higher quality music at safer volumes! Steven E. Sobol, MD, MSc. states that, “Noise induced hearing loss is a serious condition affecting individuals of all ages and is often the result of chronic exposure to sound at levels that can be damaging to the delicate cells of the inner ear.” So, because of the tight seal that customization provides, they will have a far superior passive noise-isolation feature compared to universal-fit earphones, therefore allowing top-notch quality audio at a lower volume level.
  5. Custom-fit = Custom-comfort. You have not experienced just how comfortable earphones can be until you have tried customized earphones. Forget about having to hold them in your ears the whole time, or pushing them so hard that you injure yourself -- with customized earphones, you will never want to take them out!

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